Mobilitee is a corporate platform for management and optimization of expenses with taxi and ride-sharing, consisting of iOS and Android application for employees, and web-based administrative center for the company.
It provides savings and better management for the company, and convenience for the employee.


• More than 1.2 MILLION managed runs
• LEAD in corporate urban mobility management in Brazil
• Integration with ALL transport apps


User sets start and destination address in app

The app shows the services available at that location and time, and the fares

The user makes his choice, and the ride is requested

The administrator can search, print reports, set parameters

Mobilitee does not handle payments; it is a management platform

Benefits for the Company

Freedom of choice

  • The company chooses with which services it wants to work

  • You can add or replace a service, at any time

  • Make the most of each service


  • Reduction of expenses with taxi and ride-sharing, up to:

    20% for companies that already operate with ride-sharing

    50% for companies that operate with expense reimbursement

  • Lower demand for administrative staff


  • Centralization of information

  • Application of unified rules: times, distances, cost centers


  • Prevents misuse and prevents fraud

  • Restricted access to employee ID and complete addresses

Benefits for the employee


Consult all services at once

Agility to call the chosen service

Easy to report expenses


Restricted administrative access to user names and full addresses


Encrypted personal information

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